Scourge’s Champ review: Lulu! On second thought…

So, for those of you expecting a champ review on Lulu, I’m going to have to kill-errr, ‘disappoint’ you (your brain’s knack for living, that is).  I’m a bit angry at LoL for that champion, so you’ll have to wait another week for my nerves to calm before I review her (yes, I’ve played her.  No, I don’t like her…yet.  And yes, I hate squirrels.).  I was going to review her, buuut…

On second thought, I decided to write an article on my return to World of Warcraft: Cataclysm!  A friend of mine just got me back into playing, though I’m really pissed about the timing we had.  If you played WoW once, and have been gone like I have for an extended period of time, you should really consider getting back into the game.  I’ll get into what I really like about what they’ve added in a second, but I have to say this: Blizzard must be REALLY scraping the bottom of the barrel for players.  If your friend over there that still plays WoW sends you a scroll of resurrection, s/he gets a spectral gryffin/wind rider (but I mean, please, who wouldn’t want the wind rider?).  Now Johnny, tell them what YOU get for coming back!
That’s right, Ted!  For a limited time only, you get: Seven free days of WoW!  So you can get the hang of things!  You know, that’s cool…But wait, there’s more!
A free character bump to 80!  So you can jump right into Cataclysm content!  But wait, I don’t have Cataclysm because it’s been that long…
Well then, how about A FREE UPGRADE TO CATACLYSM?!  That’s right, for coming back, (supplies limited) you can get the latest expansion for free!
And if your friend doesn’t play on the same server/faction as you?  That’s okay, too, because that free 80 that you just got?  You can transfer faction/realm on that character to your friend’s realm fo’ free.

…I missed this by a day.  I cannot tell you how pissed I was.  $40…/sigh.  Oiy.

Anyways, so, if the scroll of resurrection isn’t enough to consider getting back into the game with, let me get you in on the juicy new content!  Which, you know, isn’t new anymore because it’s been out for 16 months or so…HEAR ME OUT!  COME ON MAN, IT’S STILL NEW TO ME!  /cry

Now that that’s out of the way, I’ll just come out and say it: I’ve never been a fan of questing.  I had my two 80s (a warrior and a dk…and yes, the warrior dinged 80 first), and then really low level alts.  I hated questing, and hated leveling, at least in vanilla WoW.  I liked the beginning of Outlands, but it got monotonous after a while.  Northrend was really fun, though.  And now the 85 content  has truly overcome my expectations.

For my warrior I started in Hyjal, because before I had quitI had just gotten the Mt. Hyjal raid achievement for beating Archimonde, and I was proud.  So I figured, well, I left off here, might as well begin where I left off.  The quests not only kept my attention more, but had a real coherent story line that stayed for the entirety of the zone.  I really felt like I was playing an RPG.  That, and I’ve seen that Blizzard has really stepped up story plots and such, and has added A LOT of new cut scenes.  Which I think is fantastic, by the way.  It feels like you’re actually playing a real game now.  Oh, and one of the daily quests in Hyjal was a 3D version of Joust.

That really appealed to me.  But then, I was all out of quests in Hyjal…dawww.  Well, guess I’ll just have to settle with Uldum next.  I will say, Uldum was a blast, too.  Specially questing with Harrison Ford, wait.  No, I’m sorry, I mean Indiana Jones…wait, that’s wrong again.  HARRISON JONES.  Thank you Blizzard for hitting me in the sweet spot.  I gotta say, I loved the Indiana Jones series…all three of them.  And anyone who questions that or doesn’t like them can go ride a tank off a cliff…or drink from the wrong cup.  Get it?  Damn kids….anywho, that quest line was absolutely fantastic, and keeps you rigid in yet another story line that brought me through pretty much the entirety of Uldum.

"What do you mean there's a fourth movie, Junior? I really have died, haven't I?"

And with the entirety of Uldum quested out, I proceeded to the Twilight Highlands, which I actually didn’t get fully through, because I dinged 85 (yay!  Grats TheScourge!), and I’ll just say this now: I’m a sucker for end game content.  With that, I’ll get into how I went from greens and blues to eligible for 25 man raids within THREE DAYS.  I played WoW for a week, and I went over the gear of my friend who had good gear.  Yes, I’m just that good.

Actually, I’m really not, but having friends in the right places (and the right professions) really helps.  The vicious pyrium set, for example, may be blues, but they’re iLevel 377, and you become eligible for random heroic Hours of Twilight dungeons at…I want to say 353?  Or something like that…after a day of running/getting carried through those, I had enough gear to get me to an average item level to start RAID FINDER.

Mind you, this is an entirely new experience for me.  I had just quit when random dungeons had come into being, but random RAIDS?  This had to be madness.  Turns out, I really like the system.  Yes, they dumb down the fights, but I mean, they really have to.  That, and it’s a great way to get your foot in the door for real raids.

So, if you love questing, I’d say definitely think about coming back.  And if you love raiding?  Well, I definitely suggest coming back.  PVP?  Well, I’m definitely not the guy you’d want to talk to, lol.  But PvE is great!

Yes, this is actually TheScourge, on Elune. He's a little camera shy, so he held up his MASSIVE TWO HANDED MACE in front of the camera. Silly, shy guy.

If you ever want to talk to me/find me in game, I’m TheScourge on Elune.  I’m usually doing random stuff, or truly random stuff.  Like Molten Core.  Or Ahn’Qiraj.  Because I can.

When are YOU coming back?


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