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Wakfu: How the French say MMO — Part I: Classes

Le MMO is also acceptable, for all those anal retentive linguists out there. At least Google translate tells me so, and who am I to argue with them? I don’t have a logo or anything to my name. Anyway, the topic of the day is the newly released MMO Wakfu. Figured I’d give my opinion on it so anyone interested can get an idea of what it’s all about. No half-assing this though. I feel I should give a nice thorough article at least once. Next time it’s back to superfluous crap and base humor, I promise. Continue reading


Double-plus good news for Double Fine

For once I’m going to forgo the tangential humor and (most of) the smart ass remarks because when I heard about this I was just too damn happy to care about anything else. For those of you not in the know, I’ll give a brief synopsis/history lesson about the happenings and why you, too, should be ecstatic. Or at least fairly bloody excited…assuming you’re old like I am.

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Damien’s Games of the Year

Okay, so I’ve been tasked with talking about my game of the year and, truth be told, I have pretty much been avoiding this for the last few days…Though I think at this point my procrastination and lack of substantive things to say have pushed that up to a week. Ah well, that’s never stopped me before, though there are a number of other reasons I’ll get into when I give you my definitive answer. That said, I’m going to at least list a few solid games that came out this year and why I’m not giving them the “prestige” of game of the year. So without further ado I suppose I should just bang it out and call it a night…Which in retrospect is about how most of my Friday nights go.

Ha ha, ha...god I'm lonely. 

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Joes to Pros: League of Legends Basic Strategy 2

As the name implies I’m picking up where I left off in the last article, with an introduction to some of the basic strategies used in LoL. The first and easily most important is the concept of last hitting. In short this means hitting something and killing it. This is important because each time you kill something you get gold. Just hitting it isn’t enough, your shot has to actually end it to get paid. It’s a different story with killing champions though. Even if you don ‘t get the kill you get gold for assisting, which is one of the ways tanks and supports get gold.

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Joes to Pros: League of Legends Basics

What I’m going to give you here is a solid and simple beginners guide on League of Legends. For those of you who already play most of this will be old hat. You may skim the article and enjoy the images with captions. If Cracked has taught me anything it’s that they’re comedy gold.

Pictured: Comedy Gold

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