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I'm a 21 year old senior Journalism and Mass Communications major at St. Bonaventure University in Olean, NY. Writing and hobby gaming are my two greatest loves, and it is my hope to combine them here for the benefit of the burgeoning gaming community. I'm mostly an RPG/RTS fan, but I play everything from Final Fantasy to Call of Duty!

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PTQ Barcelona Report: Part 2

So last week I introduced you guys to my variant of Caw-Blade (A concoction I dreamed up along with my colleagues Scourge and Jeff Weeks), which you can find HERE if you need a refresher. This week I’m going to talk in a little more detail about the actual matches I played.

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PTQ Barcelona Report, Part I

This past weekend was the Pro Tour Qualifier for Pro Tour Barcelona in Rochester, NY, the nearest one to my hometown. My best attempt at a Modern deck on my own personal resources was a janky U/G Turbofog creation that I would have been ashamed to even register at a PTQ, but when a buddy of mine dropped a U/W Standard Spirit Delver deck in my lap I decided to see what I could do about reformatting the deck and throwing down in the Modern format.


I’ll probably run this report in two pieces just to save your precious attention spans. This section will be all about the deck I chose to play and why I made the decisions I made, and the next section will be about what decks I faced and how well I did, what I would have done differently, etc.

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The Old Republic: Diary 2

Back when I gave my first impressions of The Old Republic (SWTOR, for short) I promised frequent updates on the status of the game, my character and everything in between. The major roadblock to that, unfortunately, is what I perceive to be a brick wall I hit around level 40.


A brick wall of CUTENESS that is...


But we’ll get to that later. First, as promised, a look at what’s been changing since the last time I wrote on this topic:

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Indie Spotlight: Andrew Smith and Spilt Milk Studios

In an effort to promote and explore the wonderful world of Indie game developement, The Community will be providing an Indie spotlight with developers of games we’ve discovered and enjoyed, or even just developers who catch our eye for other reasons. We’ll try to bring you a little insight into the thought process behind truly innovative game design and what different studios have to offer. This week, we kick off the series with Spilt Milk Studios’ Andrew Smith.

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Review: The Dream Machine

Ever wonder what makes old-time sci-fi shows like Twilight Zone so good? They’re visually dated and lack the flash and special effects of some newer programs, but something about the Zone just gets under your skin and stays relevant as the years go by. I think it has something to do with that aspect of the mundane woven into every episode that really speaks to the diehard sci-fi fan. The idea that just around the next corner in that simple, boring little town you live in you could be transported to a world of wonder and mystery is enough to keep the average viewer paying rapt attention.

See Above: World of Wonder

This is the essential appeal of The Dream Machine, a point-and-click adventure being serialized for the Internet by Cockroach Inc., brainchild of Swedish developers Anders Gustafsson and Erik Zaring. For those unfamiliar with the genre, this is a throwback to Monkey Island-style games, where you’re presented with a backdrop and a limited number of items, objects and/or people to interact with. Some combination of the available items will allow you to solve a puzzle, remove an obstacle or progress to a different area. TDM has a little something extra working for it, however, particularly in the art aesthetic and storytelling focus it’s chosen to adopt.

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Asura Is Angry. I guess.

Asura’s Wrath is an upcoming title from CyberConnect2, the studio most notable for their work on the .Hack series. My feelings about the demo are mixed. What intrigues me is that I can’t seem to label this game. It feels like equal parts God of War hack-‘n-slash adventure and fast-paced side-scrolling shooter with a heaping portion of quazi-cutscenes (think Indigo Prophecy) thrown in for good measure.

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