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Scourge is an ambitious gamer who loves single player FPS and tower defense games. He will eventually realize his love/hate relationship with both people and LoL simultaneously. Aside from the obvious, he is also an avid Magic: The Gathering player, and has been to college for Computer Sciences, Physics, and soon to be Business.

Scourge’s Champ review: Lulu! On second thought…

So, for those of you expecting a champ review on Lulu, I’m going to have to kill-errr, ‘disappoint’ you (your brain’s knack for living, that is).  I’m a bit angry at LoL for that champion, so you’ll have to wait another week for my nerves to calm before I review her (yes, I’ve played her.  No, I don’t like her…yet.  And yes, I hate squirrels.).  I was going to review her, buuut…

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Scourge’s Champion Review: Fiora, with Pretty Pictures!

And by pretty pictures, I mean that’s one of her jokes.  I would include a picture of her drawing Teemo in the air, but I can’t find a screenshot for it.  Sooo, you get to picture her drawing a picture of Teemo in the air in your head.  That, and I really can’t show her abilities with pictures, either.  Pretty pictures…of her in your head.  Awwww yeah.

Let’s BEGIN!


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Scourge’s Champion Review: Nautilus, Titan of the Depths

Well, sorry this was a bit late, but I had to get used to this champ (and yes, have no fear, Fiora will be coming soon =P).  Since this somewhat tardy, I’ll just cut to the chase with this.  Cut and dry, simple stats and strategy.  I’m a bit tired at the moment, so if there is any wit, be sure to rag on me later as to how terrible it is.

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League of Legends Review: Ziggs, the Hexplosives Expert.

BWAHAHA!  About time I did a review for this maniacal little furball.  And yes, I hate yordles with all the hate I can muster.  But this guy…dis guy.  Oh boy.  MWAHAHA!

Oh, where to begin on this high yield champ.  And yes, you’ll have to deal with all my ‘explosive’ puns.  What do I like about this champ?  EVERYTHING HE DOES HAS TO DO WITH BOMBS.  Everything.  His passive.  His abilities.  His jokes.  His taunts.  His dance my not, but who DOESN’T like a little yordle as a mime?  Well, aside me.  If he wasn’t a yordle, my gonad’s would have exploded.  Since he is a yordle, only one did.  I can still reproduce and spread doom to this world.

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League of Legends Review: Sejuani, The Winter’s Wrath

It’s been a while, so I figured I’d fire up the ‘ol League of Legends review generator.  I have the pleasure of introducing to you: Sejuani, The Winter’s Wrath.

Yeah, she likes to ride alright. Giggity.

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Dark Ascension Pre…aw, hell. The one you’ve been waiting for.

This is it!  The one you’ve been waiting for!  No sense putting it off any longer, so I’ll just go through the cards I think will make a difference in all formats.  Obviously, there will be cards I don’t mention, but I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to judge for yourself (after reading my other reviews…YOU DID READ THEM, RIGHT?) which are good and which are not.  Let’s begin!

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Dark Ascension Preview Part Three: Insert Witty Title Here

At this point, you’re probably waiting for me to get to ‘the other cards’/’multicolor’ cards, but alas, we still have red and green to get through.  So, bear with me, this will be the last post before we get to the true bread and butter of the set.  Let’s get down to business!  To defeat…the Huns……..yeah, okay.  Anyways…


What can I say?  For constructed, red is a steaming pile of garbage.  For lack of about one card.  Yes, one.  No, you’re r/g werewolf aggro decks don’t count (feel free to prove me wrong).  This card will be making a hit in (I predict) EVERY constructed format.

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