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Mass Effect 3 Review

The Final Countdown

Before you say anything. Yes. Yes it is. Mass Effect 3 is everything that you’ve ever asked for in a Mass Effect game and so much more. So many times in conversations with friends over the past year have I said that I am legitimately scared for Mass Effect 3. I was the guy who was shouting from the rooftops, “There is no way they can make a better game than Mass Effect 2!” But they did, and I am here humbled and astonished at what I have witnessed. The culmination of the most epic space drama I have ever been a part of.

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Scourge’s Champion Review: Nautilus, Titan of the Depths

Well, sorry this was a bit late, but I had to get used to this champ (and yes, have no fear, Fiora will be coming soon =P).  Since this somewhat tardy, I’ll just cut to the chase with this.  Cut and dry, simple stats and strategy.  I’m a bit tired at the moment, so if there is any wit, be sure to rag on me later as to how terrible it is.

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Review: The Dream Machine

Ever wonder what makes old-time sci-fi shows like Twilight Zone so good? They’re visually dated and lack the flash and special effects of some newer programs, but something about the Zone just gets under your skin and stays relevant as the years go by. I think it has something to do with that aspect of the mundane woven into every episode that really speaks to the diehard sci-fi fan. The idea that just around the next corner in that simple, boring little town you live in you could be transported to a world of wonder and mystery is enough to keep the average viewer paying rapt attention.

See Above: World of Wonder

This is the essential appeal of The Dream Machine, a point-and-click adventure being serialized for the Internet by Cockroach Inc., brainchild of Swedish developers Anders Gustafsson and Erik Zaring. For those unfamiliar with the genre, this is a throwback to Monkey Island-style games, where you’re presented with a backdrop and a limited number of items, objects and/or people to interact with. Some combination of the available items will allow you to solve a puzzle, remove an obstacle or progress to a different area. TDM has a little something extra working for it, however, particularly in the art aesthetic and storytelling focus it’s chosen to adopt.

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Mario Kart 7 Review're the best!

It’s Holiday Hangover week here on The Community, where we’ll throw you articles from games we got from over the Holidays as well as our Games of the Year, impressions, reviews and anything else we can think of.
After my past two articles being about the 3DS, I was waiting to play something that wasn’t just an old NES or GBA game. You already know my opinions on those, but finally I was given two games which I can say are worth the asking price of a 3DS. Both will be touched on this week, and the first one I am going to talk about here is a little racer I like to call Mario Kart 7.

League of Legends Champion Review: Volibear, The Thunder’s Roar

Warning: Never get Volibear wet.

Thing’s certainly aren’t what they seem, are they? When I started playing Riot Games’ League of Legends, I thought to myself, “Wow, there aren’t very many champs to choose from.” Now it seems they’re just pumping them out every single week. I’ve played through the most recent ones but none of them have intrigued me quite like Volibear, The Thunder’s Roar. First of all, he’s an armored bear. Not only an armored bear, a lightningarmored bear. What’s that sound? Oh. It’s the draining of my Influence Points for this bad boy — er, bear. But as soon as I clicked Buy I got what I like to call IP Anxiety. Thoughts like “What if I just wasted all of my IP on this champ for nothing?” or “Why didn’t I just buy runes instead?” Riot never really reviews their champions and no one really gives you a clear, concise, point for point review of whether or not you should buy this champion. Well that, my friends, is going to change. This is our League of Legends Champion Review.Volibear, just like every champion in the League, has three standard moves, an ultimate and a Passive. They are Chosen of the Storm (Passive), Rolling Thunder, Frenzy, Majestic Roar, and, his ultimate, Thunder Claws.Chosen of the Storm heals Volibear rapidly when his health reaches a critical low. I personally have had this save my life multiple times. It’s a great passive, and it goes great with Heal. Once my passive is triggered I will pop a heal and boom, I’m back up to half health and destroying “those that follow in my wake.”

Review: Dark Souls

Dark Souls is possibly the hardest game ever made, sequel to Demon Souls which is possibly the second. I would recommend this game to any gamer out there who has patience and is looking for a serious challenge. This game includes every aspect of its predecessor while enhancing and improving those aspects to make them even better. Dark Souls is designed to piss you off, and staying calm and patient is the only way you can succeed and hopefully make it through the game.

What could be frustrating about this?

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Skyrim: Impressions of a Hater

I should never have played Skyrim. I was all ready to type up an article about how the game is over-hyped, ugly and goofy (I mean come on…a first-person RPG? How lame is that?), and then I made the mistake of sitting down to play it. I’d never played an Elder Scrolls game before, but friends had tried to get me into past installments. I remember seeing bland, uninteresting environments, blocky and awkward character rendering and cheesy first-person melee combat. Needless to say, I fully expected Skyrim to feature more of the same.

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