Friends Of The Community!


The Community Forums — Stop by and talk gaming all day and all night.


Paranerds! — Check out our friends over at Paranerds, they’ve got game and movie reviews as well as Podcasts, Top Ten lists and news posts.  Show them love!

TooCulturedNerds — A bunch of nerds trying to have their voices heard…aren’t we all?  Check them out for news on movies, games, comics and even weird stuff from Japan!

NintendoLegend! — Take a gander at one man’s quest to review and categorize every NES game ever made, truly great ambition!  Give him some support!

Lords of Tyr!: Check these guys out for D&D News and Opinions, as well as a Podcast including live gaming sessions!

ClassicL337: Check out Tony and Scott for video reviews as well as a weekly gaming podcast.  They cover both retro and modern gaming, so you’re sure to find something you like!

Rochester MTG Examiner:  Your fearless leader was recently hired as the Rochester, NY area Magic: The Gathering Examiner!  If you want to see more articles about MTG or just show me love (and maybe make me money) then follow the link and say hi!

Good Game: Geneva’s first and only gaming store!  If you’re a Geneva, NY local check these guys out for good deals on games and weekly gaming tournaments!

Jemzo’s: If you want to purchase Crazy Video Game bead art, go to this masterminds store and check them all out!


The Map Undrawn — Our own guest contributor and beloved friend The Cartographer discusses Life, the Universe and Everything on his own personal blog.  He’s a phenomenal writer with an interesting worldview, definitely check him out!

Gaming Journalist, Writer, Geek — My (Connor McDonald’s/Incontrol88’s) personal/professional page.  Check it out for all of my good stuff in one place, including some short fiction I haven’t put anywhere else.


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