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The DnD 3.5 Swashbuckler: I’m too pretty for armor

I’d noticed — as I’m sure all of you did, too — that I hadn’t written here for a while. I don’t play that many games that require a processor, other than League of Legends, so not many of my potential topics are particularly newsworthy. So I asked Incontrol what I could write about, and he suggested I do what I did with the bard: pick an underpowered Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 class and make it shine. While I take exception to the implication that the bard is underpowered, I took a look at a class tier list (eyes glazing over the bard’s ranking…) and picked some random schlub from the lower echelons.

Though I chose the swashbuckler (Complete Warrior) by chance, I do have some affection for the class. One of my favorite NPCs was a catfolk swashbuckler — who was quickly killed by Incontrol’s character. Consider this sweet, sweet revenge. Continue reading


Tips for the Beginning DM

So by now if you’ve read the first installment of the series, you should have enough information to get any party under the sun rolling on a solid campaign arc. Your job isn’t even close to finished. You’ve got to provide your players with an immersive adventure, and good immersion requires flawless worldbuilding and attention to detail on the part of you, the DM.

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