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Scourge’s Champ review: Lulu! On second thought…

So, for those of you expecting a champ review on Lulu, I’m going to have to kill-errr, ‘disappoint’ you (your brain’s knack for living, that is).  I’m a bit angry at LoL for that champion, so you’ll have to wait another week for my nerves to calm before I review her (yes, I’ve played her.  No, I don’t like her…yet.  And yes, I hate squirrels.).  I was going to review her, buuut…

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Let’s Talk Games: Short Games

For a long time I have thrown this around in conversation, and now I’ve decided to bring it to our little corner of the blogosphere.  The item up for discussion is short games.  Not “Oh I hate Modern Warfare because I beat it in only four hours!” but really short games.  Thirty minutes to an hour at most.  In my opinion, the gaming world needs a few very brief, in depth, amazing games to claw people into gaming.  You may not want more noobs in your online life, but they will allow gaming to become more mainstream and build up our favorite industry.  Some would argue flash games fill this niche, and there are no doubt countless problems awaiting anyone who triest to develop such short, phenomenal games.

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Trailer Trash: Heart of the Swarm

For the interests of this article, I’m just going to be talking about one trailer. This one:


Screw Blizzard. Honestly, I haven’t so much as booted up Starcraft II in months, and all it took was just over a minute of gameplay and cutscenes to pretty much sell me on Heart of the Swarm. Honestly, they could pretty much just crap in my palm and tell me it was Sara Kerrigan’s and I’d pay fifty bucks for it.

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The Voice: Welcome to the New WoW

This week on The Voice, I discuss the sweeping changes made to World of Warcraft and the effects they have had/will have on lowbies and new players.

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WoW Patch 4.0: An Opinion

For me, like most others, WoW patch time is a bittersweet sensation. I know there is new and exciting content on the way, but there’s always a lingering feeling of… “doom,” I suppose. I have been playing WoW for a very long time now, and it seems with every patch after the Burning Crusade has been released hasn’t been very fulfilling. Pre-BC patches were exciting and new. They released major content updates, one example being patch 1.12 which introducing a revamped PvP system and the PvP armor that started it all. But after the expansion, eh… new dungeons, nerfs, buffs, we know the drill. At first it was nice; a new dungeon with every major patch is good stuff, but it wore thin. Dungeons seemed rushed and weren’t very memorable as something like Naxxramas Pre-BC. But one thing I have always enjoyed are the patches right before an expansion. These patches offer an abundance of content including the always popular pre-expansion events. For any lore fanatic such as myself they are quite a spectacle.

This most recent patch was built to support the new expansion with talents, glyphs and the sort. Pre-expansion events have yet to be done except for a few things such as Garrosh being sworn as the new Warcheif of the Horde. Blizzard also added earthquakes, giving you a sense of the looming destruction Azeroth is going to suffer. That having been said, lets get into the major stuff: my opinion on the revamped talents, glyphs, and attributes.

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Layin’ Down The Banhammer 2: “How’s THAT For A Monthly Fee?”

Last week I covered a topic that is an immense rift in WoW fanhood, the private server; some people swear by it while some swear to see it permanently destroyed… most likely from the VD you get from it. My article last week touched on how illegal a private server can be… but exactly how illegal are we talking about here? Well, open your eyes wider and pay attention, you might be surprised.

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If you’re a big fan of Starcraft 2 or any Real-Time Strategy games, at least a big enough fan to search them on Youtube, there’s a real possibility you’ve heard this term before. But what exactly does it mean? I sat down with “Crota”, purveyor of the Youtube channel Blizshouter, to find out.

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