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Mass Effect 3 Review

The Final Countdown

Before you say anything. Yes. Yes it is. Mass Effect 3 is everything that you’ve ever asked for in a Mass Effect game and so much more. So many times in conversations with friends over the past year have I said that I am legitimately scared for Mass Effect 3. I was the guy who was shouting from the rooftops, “There is no way they can make a better game than Mass Effect 2!” But they did, and I am here humbled and astonished at what I have witnessed. The culmination of the most epic space drama I have ever been a part of.

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The Old Republic: Diary 2

Back when I gave my first impressions of The Old Republic (SWTOR, for short) I promised frequent updates on the status of the game, my character and everything in between. The major roadblock to that, unfortunately, is what I perceive to be a brick wall I hit around level 40.


A brick wall of CUTENESS that is...


But we’ll get to that later. First, as promised, a look at what’s been changing since the last time I wrote on this topic:

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Community Service: Spoilers Bob, Spoilers

Our Fearless Leader is back but our comrades have fallen behind and SteampunkPhreak and Sniper are nowhere to be found. Join Thief, Incontrol and The Good Game Brothers for some Community Service, exclusively from Good Game Studios as we talk Sequels, good, bad and the never were, as well as the previous Magic Tournament from a week prior. Can’t forget about Props and Slops either. FORWARD HO!

Part 1

Part 2

Dead Space 2 Review

It's a Space Ride!

Sitting here this week I’ve been trying to come up with ways to get my Dead Space 2 review into words. It’s hard for me to describe how I feel about it. When it was announced last year, I knew the game was going to be a blood-dripping masterpiece. Then I heard Isaac Clarke would be voiced, and I was a little iffy after my other favorite silent protagonist (Samus Aran) got “upgraded” to unemotional and stupid. Now that I’ve played it I can say it’s definitely a masterpiece alright.

Caution: Review may contain some spoilers for people who have not played the game yet. You have been warned!

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5 Days of Dead Space 2: Isaac’s new Voice!

It’s finally upon us. 5 Days of Dead Space 2!

Despite all my Rage, I am still just a Rat in a Cage

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5 Days of Dead Space 2: Dead Space 2 Demo

We’re nearing the end folks. Our 4th day is upon us of…

Isaac, You're in Terrible, Terrible Danger!

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5 Days of Dead Space 2: Trailer Trash: DOUBLE DOSE!

Hey Everyone, It’s Day 3 of…

I'm not running anymore, I know what I have to do...

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