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Scourge’s Champion Review: Fiora, with Pretty Pictures!

And by pretty pictures, I mean that’s one of her jokes.  I would include a picture of her drawing Teemo in the air, but I can’t find a screenshot for it.  Sooo, you get to picture her drawing a picture of Teemo in the air in your head.  That, and I really can’t show her abilities with pictures, either.  Pretty pictures…of her in your head.  Awwww yeah.

Let’s BEGIN!


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LoL’sgiving: Champs I’m Thankful For


League Lovin'

Hey guys, it’s your friendly neighborhood Thief here and I must confess I’ve been a real hard case of late. Sure I’ve been writing a lot of reviews, but when you keep doing the same thing sometimes it can get a little tedious. That’s why, in keeping with the Thanksgiving tradition, I’m going to give you guys three League of Legends champions that I am truly thankful for.

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