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Mass Effect 3 Review

The Final Countdown

Before you say anything. Yes. Yes it is. Mass Effect 3 is everything that you’ve ever asked for in a Mass Effect game and so much more. So many times in conversations with friends over the past year have I said that I am legitimately scared for Mass Effect 3. I was the guy who was shouting from the rooftops, “There is no way they can make a better game than Mass Effect 2!” But they did, and I am here humbled and astonished at what I have witnessed. The culmination of the most epic space drama I have ever been a part of.

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Mass Effect 3 Impressions

Blades make everything better

In keeping with my talks about Mass Effect and badass-ness, last Tuesday the Mass Effect 3 demo (including early access to the multiplayer) came out. The characters, story, and gameplay have driven me to love this series…but I have to tell you I was a little nervous about the third installment coming into this review. The trailer shown to us at the VGA’s gave me nothing to go on but “hey look there’s a new dive mechanic like in Gears of War,” and it left me more than skeptical. I’d heard many people complaining that it was becoming more Third Person Shooter than Role Playing Game. I used to scoff at the nay sayers: It’s freakin’ BioWare, they have literally never made a bad game. They even made Sonic the freakin’ Hedgehog a good RPG. But there I was, still skeptical. So I waited for the download and then pressed Start… Continue reading

Thief’s Top 10 Anticipated Games (5-1)

Here we are guys, I’m back for round two!


Part 1

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Community Service: YAY BOOBS!

The Boys take a Trip down to Good Game and we meet up with Josh and Justin.

Topics on the agenda:

– Biggest Letdowns

– Magic Talk

– Props and Slops. GO!

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(Sidenote: I (Thief) accidently edited out my slops so that is why you don’t hear my slops for the week, originally I was going to record my slop myself but I just felt it wasn’t a good slop and I lost the file so we’ll go at it next week. Speaking of, the Mic was accidently turned up during the cast so sorry for how loud we are at some points. We’re just learning guys, hopefully we’ll get it better this coming weekend. Anyway, Thank you all for listening to our Podcasts…except for you…you know who!)

Spike TV Video Game Award 2010 Review

Gamers Cringe at the Sight of this Logo

The Spike TV Video Game Awards. It’s been around since 2003 and it’s sucked ever since it’s been around. I mean these are the same people who gave Madden 2004 Game of the Year in 2003…Madden. 2004. I’ll let you clean up the vomit from your floor. Continue reading

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