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Mass Effect 3 Impressions

Blades make everything better

In keeping with my talks about Mass Effect and badass-ness, last Tuesday the Mass Effect 3 demo (including early access to the multiplayer) came out. The characters, story, and gameplay have driven me to love this series…but I have to tell you I was a little nervous about the third installment coming into this review. The trailer shown to us at the VGA’s gave me nothing to go on but “hey look there’s a new dive mechanic like in Gears of War,” and it left me more than skeptical. I’d heard many people complaining that it was becoming more Third Person Shooter than Role Playing Game. I used to scoff at the nay sayers: It’s freakin’ BioWare, they have literally never made a bad game. They even made Sonic the freakin’ Hedgehog a good RPG. But there I was, still skeptical. So I waited for the download and then pressed Start… Continue reading


The Old Republic: Impressions

In high school, I had my first brush with MMORPG gaming when some friends of mine started talking about a game called World of Warcraft. From my friends’ stories alone the genre called to me like some digital siren. As a proponent of depth and interaction in gaming, I was fascinated by the idea that all of the main characters were people like me. The concept that I could forge real allies across continents and group with them to slay dragons and demons took hold in me in a very real way. The monkey had lodged itself on my back, and it was clad in the coolest armor!

This Monkey is a Metaphor for Addiction

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Joes to Pros: League of Legends Basics

What I’m going to give you here is a solid and simple beginners guide on League of Legends. For those of you who already play most of this will be old hat. You may skim the article and enjoy the images with captions. If Cracked has taught me anything it’s that they’re comedy gold.

Pictured: Comedy Gold

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The Top 3 Most Awkward Games I’ve Ever Played

Ok this is my first post contributing to my most favorite place in the world’s website, so humor me here and thank you for reading.


Editor’s Note: This was our new friend Blackknight’s “application” to write for The Community. Please welcome Blackknight, we expect big things in the future!

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Bastion Review

Look at that...view?

That’s right: Bastion. The game was a part of Xbox Live’s Summer of Play and received major critical acclaim. It caught my eye right around the time when I had just gotten my Xbox 360 back for its complex but somehow smooth Action RPG elements. The game especially stood out for its visual choices and its dramatic way of presenting the world, but enough about that. Let’s just dive right into Bastion.

Streaming LoL at 3:30PM!

We’re streaming LoL at 3:30 on Justin.tv.  Come watch noobs, boobs, and pros lay down the law for your enjoyment.

We’re streaming LoL at 3:30 on Justin.tv.  Come watch noobs, boobs, and pros lay down the law for your enjoyment. 

Solo-Bot: The Dominion Capstone

More and more its becoming clear to me that having a strong player and the proper champion holding down your bottom lane is the key to victory in Dominion. For any who might disagree on principal, let’s look at it this way:

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