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Scourge’s Champ review: Lulu! On second thought…

So, for those of you expecting a champ review on Lulu, I’m going to have to kill-errr, ‘disappoint’ you (your brain’s knack for living, that is).  I’m a bit angry at LoL for that champion, so you’ll have to wait another week for my nerves to calm before I review her (yes, I’ve played her.  No, I don’t like her…yet.  And yes, I hate squirrels.).  I was going to review her, buuut…

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Scourge’s Champion Review: Fiora, with Pretty Pictures!

And by pretty pictures, I mean that’s one of her jokes.  I would include a picture of her drawing Teemo in the air, but I can’t find a screenshot for it.  Sooo, you get to picture her drawing a picture of Teemo in the air in your head.  That, and I really can’t show her abilities with pictures, either.  Pretty pictures…of her in your head.  Awwww yeah.

Let’s BEGIN!


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Scourge’s Champion Review: Nautilus, Titan of the Depths

Well, sorry this was a bit late, but I had to get used to this champ (and yes, have no fear, Fiora will be coming soon =P).  Since this somewhat tardy, I’ll just cut to the chase with this.  Cut and dry, simple stats and strategy.  I’m a bit tired at the moment, so if there is any wit, be sure to rag on me later as to how terrible it is.

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League of Legends Review: Ziggs, the Hexplosives Expert.

BWAHAHA!  About time I did a review for this maniacal little furball.  And yes, I hate yordles with all the hate I can muster.  But this guy…dis guy.  Oh boy.  MWAHAHA!

Oh, where to begin on this high yield champ.  And yes, you’ll have to deal with all my ‘explosive’ puns.  What do I like about this champ?  EVERYTHING HE DOES HAS TO DO WITH BOMBS.  Everything.  His passive.  His abilities.  His jokes.  His taunts.  His dance my not, but who DOESN’T like a little yordle as a mime?  Well, aside me.  If he wasn’t a yordle, my gonad’s would have exploded.  Since he is a yordle, only one did.  I can still reproduce and spread doom to this world.

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Joes to Pros: League of Legends Basic Strategy 2

As the name implies I’m picking up where I left off in the last article, with an introduction to some of the basic strategies used in LoL. The first and easily most important is the concept of last hitting. In short this means hitting something and killing it. This is important because each time you kill something you get gold. Just hitting it isn’t enough, your shot has to actually end it to get paid. It’s a different story with killing champions though. Even if you don ‘t get the kill you get gold for assisting, which is one of the ways tanks and supports get gold.

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Joes to Pros: League of Legends Basics

What I’m going to give you here is a solid and simple beginners guide on League of Legends. For those of you who already play most of this will be old hat. You may skim the article and enjoy the images with captions. If Cracked has taught me anything it’s that they’re comedy gold.

Pictured: Comedy Gold

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League of Legends Champion Review: Volibear, The Thunder’s Roar

Warning: Never get Volibear wet.

Thing’s certainly aren’t what they seem, are they? When I started playing Riot Games’ League of Legends, I thought to myself, “Wow, there aren’t very many champs to choose from.” Now it seems they’re just pumping them out every single week. I’ve played through the most recent ones but none of them have intrigued me quite like Volibear, The Thunder’s Roar. First of all, he’s an armored bear. Not only an armored bear, a lightningarmored bear. What’s that sound? Oh. It’s the draining of my Influence Points for this bad boy — er, bear. But as soon as I clicked Buy I got what I like to call IP Anxiety. Thoughts like “What if I just wasted all of my IP on this champ for nothing?” or “Why didn’t I just buy runes instead?” Riot never really reviews their champions and no one really gives you a clear, concise, point for point review of whether or not you should buy this champion. Well that, my friends, is going to change. This is our League of Legends Champion Review.Volibear, just like every champion in the League, has three standard moves, an ultimate and a Passive. They are Chosen of the Storm (Passive), Rolling Thunder, Frenzy, Majestic Roar, and, his ultimate, Thunder Claws.Chosen of the Storm heals Volibear rapidly when his health reaches a critical low. I personally have had this save my life multiple times. It’s a great passive, and it goes great with Heal. Once my passive is triggered I will pop a heal and boom, I’m back up to half health and destroying “those that follow in my wake.”

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