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Bastion Review

Look at that...view?

That’s right: Bastion. The game was a part of Xbox Live’s Summer of Play and received major critical acclaim. It caught my eye right around the time when I had just gotten my Xbox 360 back for its complex but somehow smooth Action RPG elements. The game especially stood out for its visual choices and its dramatic way of presenting the world, but enough about that. Let’s just dive right into Bastion.

Community Service: Spoilers Bob, Spoilers

Our Fearless Leader is back but our comrades have fallen behind and SteampunkPhreak and Sniper are nowhere to be found. Join Thief, Incontrol and The Good Game Brothers for some Community Service, exclusively from Good Game Studios as we talk Sequels, good, bad and the never were, as well as the previous Magic Tournament from a week prior. Can’t forget about Props and Slops either. FORWARD HO!

Part 1

Part 2

Beat Hazard Ultra review

Today one of my favorite indie games received a much needed expansion, and I’m here to inform you of this wonderful gem’s existence and explain how kick-ass this upgrade is.

If any game is going to give you seizures, it's this one

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Portal 2 Review

Portal: the game that created one of the most stubborn memes on the net and had the best atmosphere, characters, and set pieces of any other game that year.  Portal 2 continues this stretch in a new direction, with few flaws.  You aren’t required to play the first to understand the second, but I highly recommend  it for the experience.  Read on for a detailed review of Portal 2.  (No spoilers, I promise :))

5 Days of Dead Space 2: Trailer Trash: DOUBLE DOSE!

Hey Everyone, It’s Day 3 of…

I'm not running anymore, I know what I have to do...

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The Voice: A Steamy Rant

This week’s Voice is an appeal to head back to the old days of PC gaming.  Kind of.  Mostly, it’s just me being angry into a mic.

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