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Scourge’s Champion Review: Fiora, with Pretty Pictures!

And by pretty pictures, I mean that’s one of her jokes.  I would include a picture of her drawing Teemo in the air, but I can’t find a screenshot for it.  Sooo, you get to picture her drawing a picture of Teemo in the air in your head.  That, and I really can’t show her abilities with pictures, either.  Pretty pictures…of her in your head.  Awwww yeah.

Let’s BEGIN!


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Scourge’s Champion Review: Nautilus, Titan of the Depths

Well, sorry this was a bit late, but I had to get used to this champ (and yes, have no fear, Fiora will be coming soon =P).  Since this somewhat tardy, I’ll just cut to the chase with this.  Cut and dry, simple stats and strategy.  I’m a bit tired at the moment, so if there is any wit, be sure to rag on me later as to how terrible it is.

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PTQ Barcelona Report, Part I

This past weekend was the Pro Tour Qualifier for Pro Tour Barcelona in Rochester, NY, the nearest one to my hometown. My best attempt at a Modern deck on my own personal resources was a janky U/G Turbofog creation that I would have been ashamed to even register at a PTQ, but when a buddy of mine dropped a U/W Standard Spirit Delver deck in my lap I decided to see what I could do about reformatting the deck and throwing down in the Modern format.


I’ll probably run this report in two pieces just to save your precious attention spans. This section will be all about the deck I chose to play and why I made the decisions I made, and the next section will be about what decks I faced and how well I did, what I would have done differently, etc.

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The Old Republic: Diary 2

Back when I gave my first impressions of The Old Republic (SWTOR, for short) I promised frequent updates on the status of the game, my character and everything in between. The major roadblock to that, unfortunately, is what I perceive to be a brick wall I hit around level 40.


A brick wall of CUTENESS that is...


But we’ll get to that later. First, as promised, a look at what’s been changing since the last time I wrote on this topic:

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Indie Spotlight: Andrew Smith and Spilt Milk Studios

In an effort to promote and explore the wonderful world of Indie game developement, The Community will be providing an Indie spotlight with developers of games we’ve discovered and enjoyed, or even just developers who catch our eye for other reasons. We’ll try to bring you a little insight into the thought process behind truly innovative game design and what different studios have to offer. This week, we kick off the series with Spilt Milk Studios’ Andrew Smith.

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League of Legends Review: Sejuani, The Winter’s Wrath

It’s been a while, so I figured I’d fire up the ‘ol League of Legends review generator.  I have the pleasure of introducing to you: Sejuani, The Winter’s Wrath.

Yeah, she likes to ride alright. Giggity.

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Damien’s Games of the Year

Okay, so I’ve been tasked with talking about my game of the year and, truth be told, I have pretty much been avoiding this for the last few days…Though I think at this point my procrastination and lack of substantive things to say have pushed that up to a week. Ah well, that’s never stopped me before, though there are a number of other reasons I’ll get into when I give you my definitive answer. That said, I’m going to at least list a few solid games that came out this year and why I’m not giving them the “prestige” of game of the year. So without further ado I suppose I should just bang it out and call it a night…Which in retrospect is about how most of my Friday nights go.

Ha ha, ha...god I'm lonely. 

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