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Gearbox Goes Green, Recycles Midgets (Borderlands 2)

Since this just got announced yesterday, I just HAD to put my two cents in about how I am going to joy puke my face off for Borderlands 2. Coming from someone who enjoyed giving Gearbox his $100 for Duke Nukem Forever (Balls of Steel Edition) it comes as no shock that I’m stoked for Borderlands 2. But before I get into why I’m excited about Borderlands 2, let me give a little detail on why I feel massively more interested from just seeing the new trailer.

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Trailer Trash: Heart of the Swarm

For the interests of this article, I’m just going to be talking about one trailer. This one:


Screw Blizzard. Honestly, I haven’t so much as booted up Starcraft II in months, and all it took was just over a minute of gameplay and cutscenes to pretty much sell me on Heart of the Swarm. Honestly, they could pretty much just crap in my palm and tell me it was Sara Kerrigan’s and I’d pay fifty bucks for it.

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