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PTQ Barcelona Report: Part 2

So last week I introduced you guys to my variant of Caw-Blade (A concoction I dreamed up along with my colleagues Scourge and Jeff Weeks), which you can find HERE if you need a refresher. This week I’m going to talk in a little more detail about the actual matches I played.

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PTQ Barcelona Report, Part I

This past weekend was the Pro Tour Qualifier for Pro Tour Barcelona in Rochester, NY, the nearest one to my hometown. My best attempt at a Modern deck on my own personal resources was a janky U/G Turbofog creation that I would have been ashamed to even register at a PTQ, but when a buddy of mine dropped a U/W Standard Spirit Delver deck in my lap I decided to see what I could do about reformatting the deck and throwing down in the Modern format.


I’ll probably run this report in two pieces just to save your precious attention spans. This section will be all about the deck I chose to play and why I made the decisions I made, and the next section will be about what decks I faced and how well I did, what I would have done differently, etc.

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Dark Ascension Pre…aw, hell. The one you’ve been waiting for.

This is it!  The one you’ve been waiting for!  No sense putting it off any longer, so I’ll just go through the cards I think will make a difference in all formats.  Obviously, there will be cards I don’t mention, but I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to judge for yourself (after reading my other reviews…YOU DID READ THEM, RIGHT?) which are good and which are not.  Let’s begin!

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Dark Ascension Preview Part Three: Insert Witty Title Here

At this point, you’re probably waiting for me to get to ‘the other cards’/’multicolor’ cards, but alas, we still have red and green to get through.  So, bear with me, this will be the last post before we get to the true bread and butter of the set.  Let’s get down to business!  To defeat…the Huns……..yeah, okay.  Anyways…


What can I say?  For constructed, red is a steaming pile of garbage.  For lack of about one card.  Yes, one.  No, you’re r/g werewolf aggro decks don’t count (feel free to prove me wrong).  This card will be making a hit in (I predict) EVERY constructed format.

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Dark Ascension Preview Part Deux: Leaving you Black and Blue

So, last week I spoke about white and what I thought about it, today I’ll touch up on what’s going to leave us black and blue from Dark Ascension.  Let’s get to it!  BLUE:

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Dark Ascension is finally here! Part 1

The long wait is over!  Sweeeeeeet.  This is the first of several articles I’m going to put up, giving my opinions on the new set: Dark Ascension!  You should definitely pay close attention to what I have to say, ‘specially if you’re relatively new to the game.  I may indeed drop some pointers for both limited and constructed play.
So, first and foremost, let’s start of with everyone’s favorite color (or at least the one with, in my honest opinion, the most popularity): White.


The link above will take you to Wizards of the Coast’s image spoiler page for the white cards in ascension.  Go ahead, take a quick glance.

Done yet?  Alright, I’ll give another second.

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Joes to Pros: M:TG Drafting Tips

In this edition of Joes to Pros, we’ll take a look at some basic principles of Draft-format Magic that should improve your overall performance and take you from the bottom of the pack to the prize pool in no time.

Pictured: Prize Pool

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